Moray Mocha Liqueur


At first this unusual combination offers a fresh ground rich coffee aroma with subtle chocolate notes coming through & a caramel sweetness. Using Speyside Coffee for a unique roast and grind only found in moray Mocha we have purposely cut back on the sweetness of traditional coffee liqueurs giving a full-bodied Mocha Flavour.

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Tasting Notes

Opening up to an aromatic & fresh coffee hit moray mocha has a unique rich coffee feel. The true flavour notes coming through on the first taste with a dark rick coffee appearance closely followed by a honey and caramel sweetness with a hint of chocolate.

Food Pairing

Our Moray Mocha has a diversity in its DNA combining Coffee, Gin & Chocolate. This spirit offers an easy pairing with desserts such as tiramisu, chocolate orange & brownies. Moray mocha can also be a fantastic way to finish off a great night with friends in a hot chocolate or boozy coffee.


Simple but effective our moray mocha has our key original gin as its base accompanied by cold brew locally roasted fair trade coffee, raw brown cane sugar & raw organic honey making this a refreshing original spirit.


Mocha can be served simply on its own or accompanied by a slice of fresh or dehydrated orange pushing the presence of the chocolate through and a little ice, or a summery twist with botanical cola.

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