Moray Berry Liqueur


On opening El-gin Moray Berry Liqueur you get a true sense of summer with the aroma of fresh hand picked summer fruits and the crisp freshness of the moray coast combining with our unique home grown edible fuchsia Berries from the Findrassie estate in the city limits of Elgin.

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The first appearance is the crisp and sweetness of the hand pressed raspberries followed closely by the softness of ripe Highland strawberries on the nose.

Over the pallet comes a tingling crisp fruitiness with a naturally sweet mouth feel opening up to summertime in a glass.

Food Pairing

Moray Berry Liquor is a fantastic addition to a vast range of foods & food combinations from cream cheese with toasted Scottish oat bon bon’s to drizzling over sorbets & cheesecakes.

Key Ingredients

Moray berry is an infusion of locally grown and harvested costal raspberries, strawberries, blue berries and unique fuchsia berries married up with El-gin’s original spirit.


Moray Berry is a great serve with sparkling wine, champagne & prosecco  also equally served with lemonade or neat with ice.

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