Heather Honey


A true taste of Speyside’s beautiful hills and landscape.

Our Speyside Heather Honey Gin has captured the delicate flavours of the autumn blossoming mountain ling heather and the apparent sweetness of the Local Raw Organic Honey.

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Every time you pop the cork of our Speyside heather Honey Gin straight away there is the sweet aroma of fresh harvested honey with the light floral fragrance of blossoming ling heather and mountain air.

Food Pairing

Speyside Heather Honey gin can be perfectly paired with chicken, fish & deserts.

Key Ingredients

Keeping with tradition Speyside  Heather Honey Gin is Distilled with Local Scottish oats, heather Honey and highland berries.


Our unique gin is best served with premium cloudy lemonade, lifting the true Honey flavours through out.
Garnish with a slice of fresh pink grapefruit to give a slightly bitter twist.



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