Coirce Vodka


Carrying on in El-gin’s tradition we have created Speyside’s first unique Distilled Scottish Oat small Batch vodka, working from our small 80 Litre still.

Coirce (pronounced Cork ) is Oats translated from in Scots Gallic.

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Coirce Vodka has slight notes of vanilla coming through with an exceptionally clean creaminess and engaging subtle aromas of fruit blossoms.
It has a distinctive creamy sweet mouth feel with a Crystal-clear appearance and slightly viscous texture.
The taste is lively and creamy with a slight sweetness with a long and elegant, velvety smooth finish.

Food Pairing

El-gins Coirce Vodka can be an enjoyable accompaniment to cured and smoked fish dishes along with a variety of classic seafood.


Key Ingredients

Coirce vodka is made using high grade local Scottish oats distilled and bottled in Elgin, Moray.


Coirce can be served either straight from the fridge or freezer neat with an assortment of sliced citrus or hand bruised fresh berries.
Also served with your classic mixer selection.

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